Luckily one can play golf without contact with another person.

We continually take the following actions to sanitize any surface with which you ,

as a customer, may make contact including:

All building door knobs and doors

Golf shop counters

Rest room fixtures

Golf Cart seats, steering wheels, shift levers, bag holders and straps, and keys.

Any other surface with which you may make contact



The cup in each hole is raised so that your hole is complete when your ball hits the raised cup.    You do not ever have to touch the hole or the flag pole.


Pencils normally out for public display are now  behind the counter and dispensed individually.

Limited food and beverage are now available in the clubhouse.

The general public is still not allowed in the close quarters of the Golf Shop so “Park and Pay” is still recommended, (call the shop to make a tee time and use your credit card,  860-742-9348 )

Transaction service is also available at the golf shop window.